Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Those crazy new girls

I'm sitting here listening to Vampire Weekend and going over the agency showcards for F/W 08 and I think to myself, "Wow, none of these girls are really captivating."
Yes, modeling is in a dry spell right now. S/S 08 brought Karlie, Ali & Ali, Toni G, Siri, Lera, and Meghan. Who does F/W 08 bring? Fucking Abbey "looks a lil loose" Lee Kershaw?

Don't get me wrong, Abbey is a pretty hot chick, she just doesn't catch me. If you know what I'm getting at....

AND don't get me started on Diana Farkullina.

She's about as adorable as a gremlin.

(Sorry I had to mortify you with that image, but I just had to do it!)

Skye Stracke....what are you doing? This is modeling, there is no time for "sexy" blowjob faces that will go on your myspace!!!!

No, seriously, the only show package this season that really has girls I could root for is...

wait for it...



With returning favorites like Bruna, Sheila, Kasia, Jourdan, and Isabeli mixed with stunning new girls Heloise, Lovisa, and Valeria, Women really is a force to reckon with.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

My first post!

I'm not very good with introductions, so I'll just say it: This is a model/fashion & streetwear/arts oriented journal. But really, it'll probably just be my ramblings about a certain trend or how a certain model has caught my interest. :) Don't be surprised to be reading an entry on how Suvi Koponen looks so amazing in that new UK Vogue edit only to then be reading about how Suvi looks like a man with her strange jaw. It's just how I am!

First thought: The Chanel HC flats.

Chanel Haute Couture isn't really famous for being extravagant or groundbreaking, but more wearable than say, Dior. The flats at the show were a pleasant surprise and it really compliments all the outfits. How great does Magdalena look?

It's strange how Karl can go from stars and stripes disasters to...this.

No, wait, it's not strange. It's magnificent.

Like I said before, Chanel HC isn't known for being extravagant, but ALL these pieces are timeless and will still look classy 100 years from now.

(Images courtesy of Elle)